LAYAWAYS are now available for online sales! Simply put down a 25% deposit and we'll put together a payment plan for the balance. For more information on this new program, contact Victor at (912) 925-0799.

Whether you are a shooting competitor, tactical shooter, hunter, interested in self or home defense, we've got your back. Need gunsmithing services or advice on your first purchase? Our team is dedicated to shooters, whether military, civilian, or law enforcement. We are qualified to match you with the perfect custom build and the highest quality weapons in the world.

Come by and visit our newly expanded storefront and sales center now stocking weapons, ammo, optics, accessories, gear, apparel, prepping supplies and much, much more! From hand guns to AR-15s, shotguns to hunting rifles, new to used and modern firearms to vintage collectible guns, Ortiz Custom Guns is your one stop shop.

Founded in 1993, Ortiz has never lost sight of what truly matters to our customers. We understand that not all shooters share the same knowledge or experience. While some are battle-tested veterans who have seen multiple tours on America's battlefronts, others are complete novices considering their first-ever firearm purchase. The spectrum in between is vast and varied.

We pride ourselves in treating each customer with a level of respect, willingness to listen and commitment to matching their unique needs to the right firearm, ammunition and gear solution. You won't find any condescending attitudes or "you don't know what you're talking about" ego here. What you will find are professionals who are determined to help you get where you want to be, whether its a purchase, training or competition.

The shooting community in Savannah and surrounding areas is as complex as they come. We have a very large complement of military personnel courtesy of our local bases such as Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart. We have the nation's oldest continuously operated skeet, trap and sporting clays facility over at the Forest City Gun Club. We have a diversity of indoor and outdoor ranges from Hinesvilles all the way across the Savannah river into South Carolina. Finally, we have a wealth of pristine hunting lands, both public and private offering seasonal game year round.

Serving such a community is no easy task, but it is our pride and pleasure to do so. We understand that word-of-mouth travels farther and faster than a .50 caliber bullet on crisp winter day. In our local area, it travels even faster.
We simply can't afford to fail you or its a safe bet that your shooter friends will know about it before day's end.

This is a challenge we willingly accept. We are here for you, the shooter, the novice, the expert, the collector, the plinker and the professional. We are truly looking forward to meeting you and becoming YOUR gun shop.


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